Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In 1609, Temperance Flowerdew traveled to the New World aboard the Falcon in a convoy of ships destined for Jamestown. Nearly two months into the trip, the fleet encountered a hurricane. The flagship (Sea Venture) with new leaders for Jamestown was separated from the convoy. Months later, Temperance's ship limped into Jamestown. Temperance and other travelers ate rats to keep from starving. Once they got to Jamestown, they faced so much death from sickness, disease, hunger, and Indian attacks that over 80% didn't survive. Temperance Flowerdew survived this dreadful Starving Time. In 1610, she was there to welcome the hardy souls, feared lost at sea, when they finally arrived ten months later in two small ships made from the wreckage of the Sea Venture. George Yeardley was among them. Temperance married Sir George Yeardley in 1613 and over the course of the next few years had three children, a daughter Elizabeth (1614-15), and two sons, Argoll (1618) and Francis (1623). Yeardley was appointed Governor of Jamestown in 1616. George Yeardley built a plantation and named it for his wife, Flowerdew Hundred.

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