Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Governor Thomas West Baron de la Warr (1577-1618)
After the Powhattans attacked Jamestown and killed the colony's governor, Lord West, Baron de la Warr headed a contingency of 150 men who landed in Jamestown, June 10, 1610, just in time to persuade the original colonists not to give up and return to England. As a veteran of English campaigns against the Irish, de la Warr employed "Irish tactics" against the Indians. He was appointed governor-for-life and captain-general. He outfitted three ships, recruited and equipped men at his own expense. Leaving his deputy Sir Samuel Argall in charge, Lord de la Warr returned to England and published a book about Virginia (The Relation of the Right Honourable the Lord de-la-Warre, of the Colonie, Planted in Virginia, 1611). Remaining the governor, he received complaints from the Jamestown colonists of Argall's tyranny in governing them. Thus to investigate the charges, Lord de la Warr set sail for Virginia again in 1618. He died en route. It is thought he might have been poisoned and buried at sea. The state of Delaware is named for Thomas West de la Warr (de-la-ware). Sir Thomas West's descendants built West Point Plantation.


  1. Hi, I have lots of West Ancestor Photos. It would be nice to connect the dots and find some living relatives. Benjamin West is in our family tree. Please email me. Thank you.

    1. Thomas WEST is at the top of our WEST family tree...contact me :)

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  2. It is great to read upon your families history. It is great to know that our family member helped build this country.